Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post 55...Thankful for Saltines


It was actually a really pleasant holiday as far as family and food was concerned. The only problem was, I had horrible morning sickness all day long! Nothing is worse than being surrounded by food when your feeling absolutely sick to your stomach. As I sat in the corner, munching on crackers and sipping crystal light (like the last pregnancy, I cannot stomach plain water!), I tried to force a smile on my face as people came around taking family pictures. I'm pretty sure that in most of the pictures I looked slightly crossed eyed, my skin tinged with a sickly green color.

For the past week I have been horribly sick all day long. I have yet to really throw up, but I have been nauseous 24/7. If I don't eat, I feel worse, but of course, when feeling nauseous, nothing sounds appetizing. So I've tried to keep munching all day, but sometimes it doesn't seem to help at all. The only thing that really seems to help is saltine crackers and ginger ale. Food just doesn't taste the same either. It's almost exactly like the last pregnancy. Everything almost tastes too sweet, spicy and tart foods taste best to me, and for the past couple days I've been craving ham again like I did with Joey. This time, however, rather than being really disgusted by sea food, I've been grossed out by chicken. The thought of it makes my stomach turn!

I cannot wait for the morning sickness to be over. I am hoping and praying it's like the last pregnancy where the morning sickness went away with the coming of the second trimester. But for now, I'm keeping the saltines at my side. At least I know this is a good sign that Sunshine is still in there growing strong. As my husband tells me: every surge of queasiness is just Sunshine saying "hi."

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