Monday, November 8, 2010

Post 46...Our First Appointment

This morning, I made our first Obgyn appointment! It will be on the 22nd, just two weeks away! I was shocked they could get us in already. Last time I had to wait a full month to be around 8 weeks, but I guess I will already be close to 7 weeks by the 22nd. I did have a panic moment when scheduling it though. Because we don't have insurance, we have to put down a $2000 deposit!! But once they get proof of our insurance in January, we'll get a refund of our deposit (or what's left of it at that point) so it's not terrible. I also panicked because the Obgyn billing office notified me that the insurance I would be on will be turning into Regence in January, so she questioned whether or not they would deny me coverage because of pregnancy being a pre-existing condition. Immediately I called my parents to verify with them (since it's my mom's medical plan I'll be on) and they reassured me that they had already looked into it from the beginning, aware of the company change, and said that Regence told them I would be covered pregnancy and all. Since her medical plan isn't being replaced by Regnence, Regence is just becoming the "distributor" so to speak, the rules on pre-existing conditions will remain the same for the original medical coverage. So I should be in the clear.

So now, after settling down from my mild heart-attack over insurance once again, I am excited to think I could be seeing my baby for the first time in just two weeks! I'm not sure if this appointment will just be blood work or if we'll actually get the sonogram, but I am excited either way. I'm also happy it's right before Thanksgiving! If we do get the sonogram then, it will be fun to show off on the holiday. This year I have something to really be grateful for!

The only down side to it all; the doctor said no heavy lifting, no exercising, and worst of all no sex! I knew that would be the case after my cerclage but I didn't know I would have to start now!!! I was already trying to take it easy by not doing any heavy lifting but, not making love to my husband?...That's going to be the hardest thing to give up. I thought I had at least 2 months left to be intimate with him. My husband has told me that me and Sunshine are his world right now. And that if giving up sex will ensure we get to hear Sunshine's heart beat, to feel his/her kicks, to carry him/her full term; it will be more intimate to give birth to the "fruit of our fun," as my husband put it. I'm sure it will be a challenge at times, but we have to do everything we can to protect Sunshine. As for us as a couple, we will find a way to be close, I'm sure. We'll just have to get creative. And I'll leave it at that.

So here we parents from the start! With those two little lines our whole world is changing all for a little Sunshine.

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