Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post 49...Belly Bump

I'm not that far along but already I'm getting a little belly bump right bellow my belly button. It feels very tight and I still have that pulling feeling. My breasts are still extremely sore and I'm breaking out badly, but it's nice to have a reminder that Sunshine is still growing in there.

Today I was surprised when I cried after seeing a Pampers commercial. It showed all these clips of sleeping babies while playing the song Silent Night. I full on cried! Yay for pregnancy hormones. Oi!

Also today I read Sunshine one of the children's books we have. I thought it might be kinda fun to start reading or singing to Sunshine every day. I know he/she hasn't even developed any hearing yet but maybe he/she will at least sense that I'm sharing something with them. Maybe when my husband gets home from work, I have him read the story to Sunshine too, just to share the bond.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a little update. I'm counting down the days until the doctor appointment! I can't wait to see Sunshine for the first time!

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