Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post 54...The first ultrasound

As the snow began to pile up on Monday, the Obgyn office called to see if we could push up our appointment time. Since the roads were only going to get worse, they wanted to fit in as many people as they could so they could close the office early. As soon as they asked if we could come in as soon as possible, within minutes we were out the door. Of course we would take the opportunity to see our baby earlier, and avoid any worse driving conditions.

The office was rather busy as the nurses tried to sort through double and triple booked appointments from all of the rescheduling. Every minute in the waiting room felt like an hour as I sat there anxiously waiting to see our baby for the first time, while constant nausea kept the clock moving even slower. But even with the waiting room crowded with popping bellies, they got us in rather quick.

Before I knew it, we were looking at our baby, a little pea sized  blip on the monitor with a fluttering heart beat. The pregnancy wasn't as far along as I had originally thought. We were only a little over 6 weeks when I thought we were closer to 7, but considering I had been having long cycles, it made sense after redoing the math. The doctor said that everything looked great and that she had every confidence this pregnancy would go well. Just to make sure everything is progressing well, we scheduled a follow up ultrasound for Dec. 10th (about two weeks out) for a check up. But otherwise things seemed to be going great. The doctor also gave me the okay to go on walks and be a little more active, which I'm excited about. And she gave us the green light to be intimate for a few more weeks, which I am really excited about! For the most part, I can go about my normal days until I get closer to the second trimester.

It was a relief to see Sunshine was in fact in there with what looked like a strong heartbeat. I can't wait to see him/her in a couple more weeks when they'll be bigger and wiggling around! From what the doctor said, we'll be getting the cerclage around the 15th of January, which will come quick I'm sure. And the baby is estimated to be due around July 15th. At the moment it's hard for me to really focus or even believe in the due date. Not that I'm doubting the pregnancy will stick for full term, it's just...right now I need to get past the cerclage and the 20 week marker before I can really feel excited and sure about the due date. But I am excited that for now, things seem to be going great!

Sunshine's first picture!...Funny how something so tiny can change my entire world.

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