Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post 124...Relaxed

After my rant this morning, I decided to try and relax a little. From what I've read, stress can actually prohibit labor from kicking in, so I thought it would be best for my health and the baby if I relaxed a little. To start, I took a nice warm bubble bath, complete with lavender scented bubbles and chocolates nearby to snack on. Afterwards, I did some prenatal yoga which helped me release a lot of tension in my body and mind. And now, when my husband gets home, I'll go for a nice walk in the sunshine.

I feel loads better after having a break from Facebook and all the other drama, taking some time to just relax and focus on me and the baby. After doing so, I feel like I can see everything with a clear mind, if just for the moment. Our friends and family, although dominating in their excitement, are just that: excited. They are all eager to celebrate Andy's arrival! And even my family, in all their business focusing on other realms of their life, are still very excited for Andy too. Why else would they have been checking in with me throughout this whole pregnancy, helping to throw us a baby shower, and even going so far as to buy us a new crib? They are excited in their own way. So what if they aren't calling me three times a day! If they did, then it would be just as annoying as all the others who are knocking down my door for updates. So perhaps I should appreciate my family's quiet involvement. I will still have my times of feeling emotionally sensitive and I know that some of the issues I have run deeper than just wanting their attention and approval. But I shouldn't question whether or not they are excited about Andy joining our family. Their involvement may be different, but it's involvement nonetheless.

These could be my famous last words but....ha ha! Andy wasn't born in June!!! Tomorrow is July 1st! So long as I don't deliver before midnight tonight, he will be a July baby! And our parents thought he was going to be born in June! Of course, they thought he was going to be a girl too. Either way, my first instincts were right! We're gonna have ourselves a July baby! Now to start doing exercises and stretches to get him to drop into position for labor...

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