Monday, June 20, 2011

Post 119...A bundle of joy brings a bundle of nerves

It's finally here! The week I get my cerclage out! Nearly 24 weeks later since it was first put in, the time has come to remove the cerclage and let nature do its work. I can hardly believe that we have made it full term! I have been waiting for this day since we first got pregnant, the day that I no longer have to worry about going into premature labor. It feels like such an amazing accomplishment to know that I can have a baby! There was a time I was so scared, worried that I would never be able to carry full term. But here I am! This busted body of mine did it! With a little help from the doctor and one simple little stitch, we're finally going to have a baby.

I'm still nervous as all hell to get the cerclage out though. With it looming over the later half of the week, just a couple days away, I am finding myself desperately searching for some kind of distraction. But unfortunately, as I sit here at home alone, it's all too easy for my nervous energy to find its way back into the forefront of my mind. I keep looking around the house at the little bits of clutter here and there, mapping out the route to cleanliness before I go into labor. Although the chances of me going into labor this Thursday after the cerclage is removed is extremely unlikely; I want to make sure our home is ready for anything. If I do go into labor this week, I'd hate to come home to a messy apartment. With a newborn around, the last thing I want to worry about is picking up any mess before family and friends come filing in to see the baby. So today, in hopes that it will keep me at least somewhat distracted, I will power through all the household chores. Already I've got laundry going and the living room straightened up. Next up: dishes!

For now, we have our hospital bag already packed and in the car just in case. So here we go. Ready or not, here it comes! I'm hoping and praying the cerclage removal is quick and easy with as little pain as possible.

Anxiously waiting for his arrival...

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