Friday, June 17, 2011

Post 118...Things I Will Miss

Things that I miss:
  • Seeing my toes
  • Being able to bend over
  • Being able to eat rare meat, sushi, soft cheeses...
  • Going weeks without any heartburn at all
  • Flopping face down onto the bed
  • Going on long walks without getting winded once
  • Having the occasional glass of wine
  • Sleeping through the night without a single bathroom trip
  • Making love with my husband
  • Never having to worry about my feet swelling if I wear shoes
Things that I will miss:
  • Watching my tummy grow, knowing the baby is getting bigger
  • Feeling Andy kick, making my whole tummy jump
  • Watching Andy and my husband play "tag" when my husband rubs my tummy with lotion
  • Having people look at me like I'm the most adorable thing on Earth with my prego bump
  • Feeling Andy get the hiccups
  • Sleeping through the night, other than the occasional bathroom trip
  • Watching Andy move around on the ultrasound
  • Feeling Andy wiggle when I sing
  • Being able to get up and go whenever we want without the need for a babysitter
  • Quiet, uninterrupted evenings
  • Putting my hand on my tummy and knowing that Andy is right there, safe
  • Always having Andy with me wherever I go
There are so many things I will miss about being pregnant, and so many things I will not miss. It's weird to consider how much our lives will change once Andy is here. Just the physical differences alone are going to be so weird for me. After being pregnant for so long, I've grown accustom to having him here inside me. Once he is out, I imagine it will be both relieving and lonely all at once. But then, instead of a wiggly bump that kicks when I sing or eat ice cream, there will be this wonderful little guy in our lives that we will get to know and watch grow over the years. I wonder what he will look like. I hope he looks a lot like my husband.

The doctor said that the baby is head down, but she doesn't think he's dropped yet. She said my cervix is still pretty high and there doesn't seem to be any stress on it at all. So I guess my suspicions of him dropping were not really accurate. I'll just have to wait and see what happens. For now, I am nervously awaiting the cerclage removal next week. Honestly, I am terrified! Not because the baby could come right then, I seriously doubt he'll come right away, but because it sounds like the cerclage removal will be really painful! The doctor even gave me fair warning that it will hurt. In my experience, doctors normally try to sugar coat things a bit. So if they say "you will feel some discomfort" that usually translates into: this is gonna hurt a bit. But if a doctor says "this will be pretty painful"'s gonna hurt like a son-of-a-b****! From what the doctor told me, there won't really be a need for any numbing when he removes the stitch. But because there is a chance that the skin has grown around the stitches, causing some scar tissue, it might be difficult to remove the stitch without a little stretching and ripping.

....okay....deep breath!....

Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to it. I am expecting to be one sore mamma after all is said and done. But the nice part is, my husband will be taking the day off to be with me and help me through it, so at least I don't have to go through it alone. Once again, my wonderful husband saves the day with his never-ending loving support. After the stitch is out, assuming I don't go into labor right then and there, we'll just come home and take it easy.

At the moment, I've actually put myself on temporary bed rest for the evening. I went on a walk this morning with the Eastside Mommys group. And even though I took it easy on the walk, making sure not to push myself, I came home and noticed a little hint of spotting when I went to the bathroom. It was no more than a slight hint of pink, so I'm not really worried about it. But since I really want to make it to 37 weeks (just so I can prove to myself that I can carry officially to full term), I'm going to take it easy for now so I don't bring on early labor. Not that I think I'm going into labor at all. I don't even feel any contractions at the moment. Mostly I just want to play it safe.

As for the Eastside Mommy's group; I have been loving it! I don't remember if I mentioned them much before in my blog. The creator of the group is actually a woman who went to the same birthing class we took weeks ago. It is a fantastic group of moms who live in the east side areas (Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond) who all get together regularly to have fun and support each other through pregnancy and motherhood. For the past several weeks, on Fridays, I have gone on the weekly walk with them (it's really funny to see several pregnant women waddling around in a group together). And last week we all went to a big consignment sale that had nothing but baby/toddler/maternity items for sale. It was so much fun! I got Andy a Bumbo seat, a Raiders onsie (since my husband is a Raiders fan), a dishwasher basket for binkis and nipples (so they don't fall down and melt in the dishwasher), some toys, and a changing pad plus two covers all for less than $50! It has been so wonderful being part of a community of moms that I can connect with and learn from. And hopefully, soon enough, I can set up playdates for Andy! The fun part is, the creator of the group is also a first time mom-to-be and we are almost at the exact same gestational age with our pregnancies. She is due July 11th, I'm due July 15th! So it has been really great to have someone on the same time frame that I can connect with so I don't feel so alone in what I'm going through.

Anyway, for now I'm rooted on the couch, keeping an eye out for any more spotting if it comes up. Oh, and as a side note: I'm happy to report that the bacteria test I took last week came back negative so I don't have to worry about any antibiotics before going into labor! And then this weekend, we will be celebrating Father's day by going to the Pomegranate for brunch on Sunday. Who knows. Maybe my husband will get to flex his fathering skills sooner than later....

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