Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post 115...Stocked & Ready

I'm beginning to realize how tricky it's going to be to keep up with my blog once the baby is around. He's not even here yet and already, in just preparing for his arrival, I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to blog. But why stop writing when we're this close to the end of the pregnancy? I've been doing it this long. What's a few more weeks?

So far, everything has been pretty mellow as far as the pregnancy is concerned. The doctors say my cervix is still holding up great. It's still nice and long with no signs of effacement. We've been having weekly visits with the doctor since we're so close to being full term and, for the most part, they're fairly uneventful. Mostly they just check my cervix, check Andy's heartbeat, and then send us on our way. In my last appointment, they did do a swab test for a type of bacteria that can be easily passed to the baby during delivery if it's there. Apparently the doctors do a routine check for signs of the bacteria when a woman is this close to full term. That way, if the bacteria is present, they can treat it before delivery so it won't be passed to the baby. From what the doctor said, the bacteria doesn't usually cause any symptoms to the mom if she has it, and it can be easily treated with antibiotics. So far, I'm still waiting to hear the results of the test. Otherwise, that's about all there is to say about the Obgyn check-ups.

Other than our Obgyn appointments, we've been using our free time to make sure everything is ready for Andy. Last weekend my husband installed the car seat and we packed our bag for the hospital. Since we don't know if I'll go into labor as soon as my cerclage is removed, we want to be ready for the earliest time possible. Also, on the front door, we posted a list of things to grab before we leave for the hospital, things we couldn't pack ahead of time. On that same list, we also made sure to have the number for Labor & Delivery on there so we can call them on our way to the hospital. We have the same number for Labor & Delivery in each of our wallets too in case we're not home when things start to happen. It's weird having the bag packed already. In some ways it makes me feel more calm and prepared. But in a way, it also makes me feel more impatient, like a kid who is ready and waiting to go to Disneyland. My bags are packed. I'm ready to go! But unfortunately, I have to wait a little longer.

Aside from installing the car seat and having everything packed for the hospital, we've also been getting all of Andy's stuff ready for him. I've been washing all his clothes and blankets and making sure everything is set up in his room. We also bought baby wipes yesterday along with a bunch of easy-make meals and snacks when we went grocery shopping yesterday just so we can have more time with Andy and less time fussing about in the kitchen. We've started reading the What to Expect in the First Year book, we've been reviewing the information we got from the birthing class, and yesterday we took a breastfeeding class that gave us a lot of good information as well. And yet, even with all of our preparing for Andy, I still don't feel like I'm 100% ready. I'm certainly excited and anxious to have him here. I'm more than ready to have my body back. But do I feel ready to go through labor and suddenly bring a baby home?....not entirely.

I am ready for him to stop kicking my ribs though! He's kicking me right now and my God it hurts! He's getting so big and strong. Those once cute little kicks are really starting to hurt these days. Yesterday it even brought me to tears!

Tomorrow we will be interviewing a family practitioner who will be Andy's primary care physician after he's born. This last week I had one hell of a time trying to find a pediatrician/family practitioner who would accept medicaid. I was on the phone for hours trying to find someone who would accept it. By the time I had finally found someone who would accept our insurance, my cell phone battery was dead and it had overheated to the point where it wouldn't let me charge it until it had cooled down! It was frustrating to have so many physicians slam their door in my face because I am on state insurance. It was humiliating to feel like I was being treated like I was some low-class gutter trash just because I'm on medicaid. My husband made the joke that I had become Mother Mary running from Inn to Inn, begging for someone to please spare a room for me and my baby. Luckily, after hours of searching, I found two options for family practitioners who have great online reviews and were very courteous on the phone. So this week, we will be interviewing them so we can hopefully have a doctor for Andy before he's already here.

On a more fun note, we had our maternity pictures done a couple weeks back and we got the pictures just this week. They turned out great! I couldn't be happier with them! It's so fun to look through the pictures and see my prego bump. In a way, I'm going to miss it. But I can't wait to have Andy's newborn pictures done once he's here! Something tells me I'm going to be one of those moms who post new pictures of her baby on Facebook nearly every day.

I can hardly believe I'm already 35 weeks along! In less than two weeks I will be considered full term and getting my cerclage removed! It'll be weird not having my safety net. I have worked so hard this entire pregnancy to keep Andy safely inside me. Getting to a point where it won't matter if he comes out right then is just bizarre. It really is hard for me to feel comfortable with the idea of going into labor. Mostly just because I've been trying to prevent it for the last 8 months. But I have to admit, it feels good to know I can carry full term. It makes me feel better about myself knowing that I can have a baby safely. It gives me a sense of pride and closure.

Well, in as early as two weeks, we could have a baby here with us! After years of planning, trying, grieving, celebrating, preparing, and enduring, we will finally have a little baby to join our family!

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