Friday, December 31, 2010

Post 64...Goodbye 2010

2010...what a year. It certainly was not my favorite year, but it had it's great moments too. It was such a jumble of good and bad throughout this year. Twice this year I became pregnant. Twice this year I lost people I love. I was able to leave my crappy demeaning job and enjoy home life. But then I had to watch my brother and his son deal with the drama of my brother's divorce. But then things worked out just in time for my husband and I to get medical assistance for the pregnancy (yesterday I actually got a call from DSHS--we applied a few weeks back for medical help with the pregnancy--and they said it looked like we qualify for some assistance!).

In some ways it feels like I'm ending this year the same way I started it off: pregnant, excited, and nervous. There is a lot to look forward to in the year 2011: the cerclage, having the baby, my husband possibly getting a raise, and so much more. The new year always felt like a new chapter (I know, the cliche is making me cringe as I type it, but it's true) with so many new possibilities. This last year, 2010, felt like the chapter in the book where a major plot twist takes place. It was the kind of chapter that truly defined the characters and foreshadowed future events. In this chapter, weaknesses were revealed, great love was lost and found once more, meaning and purpose were defined, and even death took hold of important characters changing the course of the entire story forever. So what happens after a climax like that in a story? Well, that's what awaits in the new year of 2011. It's a new chapter full of twists, new characters, heartaches and triumphs. After last year, I'm a little weary of starting this new year. But what can I say; I love this book. What else can I do but turn to the next page.

Chapter 25: Welcome 2011

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