Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post 61...Fast Forward a Week

We went in today for our ultrasound at Eastside Medical. The doctor said, at this point, my cervix looks great. We'll be going back in two weeks to have a combine screening done to check for any chromosomal abnormalities and to start the paperwork for having the cerclage done. The doctor said we will be having the cerclage put in at 14 weeks since that will insure less risk to the baby, plus it will be put in early enough before things become too dangerous for surgery. At 14 weeks they'll have more cervix to work with before it starts to thin out from the baby growing bigger. The only down side is my husband won't be able to be in the room when they give me the cerclage, but the doctor said it's a quick procedure and should only take about 20 minutes to put in. It's hard to think that it's only a few weeks away! But I feel confident this will help us carry to term. Of course there are risks, but without it....well, there is no chance at all. So at least with this, our chances are better either way.

The surprising part was, we went in expecting the baby to be about 9weeks and 3days along. But after measuring out the baby, they said Sunshine is actually about 10weeks and 3days along! That's a whole week further along than we thought! So the cerclage that we have planned in our future just got a lot closer! It was amazing to see how much bigger Sunshine has gotten! He/she's already looking more human like. It's fun to think we'll get to see him/her again in another couple weeks! I wonder how much different he/she will look at that point.

By the way, my husband said he has a gut feeling that it will be another boy. I have to say....I feel the same!

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