Monday, December 13, 2010

Post 59...Borrowing Troubles

My mother always told me not to borrow troubles from tomorrow, but today I'm going to entertain the freak-out...

We just found out today that my brother-in-law is now engaged. Of course we are very excited for them however, there is talk that they might be getting married in August. Why is this a problem? Well, I know that my husband will of course be in the wedding (it's his brother after all), so not only will we have to find a way to fund a bachelor party for this brother but a tux for my husband and travel expenses as well since they're talking about getting married out of state. And of course the big kicker: Sunshine is due mid July! So basically we'll have to travel with a one month old, exhausted, and with little money. Originally my husband and I agreed that we didn't want to have to take our baby to any big crowded event shortly after he/she is born primarily for health reasons. Nothing spreads illness faster than big crowds of people. Also, I do not like the idea of the baby being passed around from one person to the next. But if we're at a big family event with our newborn baby?!....There will be no avoiding people hovering around us, trying desperately to pry the baby from our hands. I especially thoroughly anticipate my mother-in-law trying to hold the baby the entire time, wandering around to show off her new grandchild. But after the loss of one child, I know that I am going to be extremely protective and selfish for time with my baby.

I'm not sure how everything will play out, but for now I am cautious of it. Of course the wedding itself will be beautiful I'm sure. And despite the fact that I will spend the majority of the time trying to make sure the baby is quiet while fighting off clinging relatives, I'm sure it will all work out okay. I just hope that my husband wont be too busy being the Best Man to help Sunshine and I hold our ground. I get this crazy image of me holding the baby close as I karate kick zombie-like crowds of family back, swarming us with their out-stretched hands.

One thing is for sure...this will be an interesting summer.

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