Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post 63...Two week wait...again

I can't wait to have medical insurance at the turn of the new year. I'm so tired of the ladies in the front office looking at me as if I've done something horribly offensive when I tell them I am currently uninsured. Their eyes widen and their voices warble as if they've just tasted something foul. Yes ma'am, I am one of the poor unemployed and uninsured souls...beware of the economy or you too shall catch the plague of financial distress! Oh brother!

Aside from the front office's lack of equal treatment and professionalism, the doctors are fantastic. Yesterday we visited Eastside Medical again to have a combined screening done to assess the risk of any chromosomal abnormalities as well as schedule out the date for the cerclage. The doctor said that the ultrasound looked great. My cervix is holding up perfectly and, from what they were measuring, the baby looked absolutely healthy and showed no obvious signs of birth defects. They took a sample of my blood and will give me the results next week, but otherwise, everything else looked 100% healthy. The doctor then went over the procedure for the cerclage again. On the plus side, my husband will be able to be in the room with me for the pre-op and will only have to step out for the operation itself (which will only take about 20 minutes). As far as aftercare is concerned, I will still be able to take showers and move about a little bit, meaning I can walk from the bed to the couch. But I cannot exercise, lift anything too heavy, or stay on my feet for long periods of time. So basically I'll do what I normally do...sit on my butt and watch Netflix or read. For the two weeks after the surgery, I'll be on medication to keep things "quiet" in the uterus, just to be sure the surgery doesn't stimulate any contractions. And other than all'll just be a lot of resting and waiting.

It was an emotional moment to see the baby kicking and wiggling around on the ultrasound. Both my husband and I began to cry as we watched our little baby move with life. I couldn't help but think how deeply in love I am with that little tiny life growing inside me. I don't even know Sunshine yet but I love everything about him/her. I cannot wait until I can feel those little kicks!

Anyway, we scheduled out a date for the cerclage: January 14th at 10am. I am both terrified and anxious for it. I've already been crying from time to time in fear of the surgery. I have never had surgery before, and considering it is a life or death procedure for my baby, it scares me to no end. But at the same time, I am anxious to have it done because it means all the more reassurance that the pregnancy will carry full term. It's just so hard to believe it's only a couple weeks away. The time for the cerclage has come up so fast. The closer it gets, the more nervous I feel. But I'm sure once the surgery is done, I will feel a little safer with the cerclage in place.

On another note, my husband and I are up in the air again about the gender of the baby. For a short time, we both felt so sure it is going to be a boy. But now...well, we're not so sure. There are no for sure signs so, until we have our 20 week ultrasound, it's any one's guess. As long as they carry full term, I'll be happy.

So here we go, another two week wait. The first one we were waiting to take a pregnancy test. This time, we're waiting for the surgery. With any luck, time will fly by and we'll be at home, resting from the surgery and all will be well.

Anything for a little more Sunshine in our lives.

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