Monday, December 13, 2010

Post 60...Pickle

Yesterday we decorated our Christmas tree. This year we added a new ornament; a little glass pickle. In memory of Joey, we wanted to add the little pickle to our tree to remind us that Joey is still here in spirit with us. My husband hung up the ornament and smiled. I turned to get more decorations but when I turned back, I found my husband standing by the tree with tears streaming down his face. Next to the pickle ornament he had hung up an ornament he made last year: a little round of wood that had the word "family" wood-burned into it. "I thought they should go next to each other." he cried. I hugged him tight and for a few minutes, we stood in front of our tree crying.

"I still miss him." I said.
"Me too." my husband whispered.

We both turned to look at the tree. It was beautiful. I could feel my husband's arms slip around me from behind as he placed his hands on my tummy. Our first family Christmas.

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