Friday, October 29, 2010

Post 37...Medical Miracle

Good news everyone!
With all the new changes in regards to healthcare, my mom can now cover me with her medical plan until I'm 26 years old. The best part is, her medical plan does not see pregnancy as a pre-existing condition!!! No matter what stage of pregnancy I will be in by the time medical coverage kicks in, I will be covered! We will be signing up for the medical first thing in November and coverage should kick in by January 1st, which means at this point I will have medical by the time I will need my cerclage! It truly is a God send! Now I don't have to worry about finding a medical plan that won't deny me coverage because of my pregnancy (once I am pregnant) and it's hardly going to cost us a thing. Monthly payment for adding me onto my mom's medical plan is about $45 a month! We may have to pay out of pocket for the first few doctor's visits (if we get pregnant this month or the next) but once the new year rolls around, I will have medical coverage! I am beyond excited and relieved!

Our complicated pregnancy just got a lot less complicated!

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