Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post 30...My Fair Baby

On Saturday my husband and I went to the Puyallup Fair and it was there I learned an important parenting lesson: never bring a big fatty stroller to a crowded event! I don't know why so many mom's insist on bringing the hummer of all strollers to such crowded events, but there they were. Cramming their way through swarms of people, I watched mom after mom angrily thrash their stroller this way and that. But I can't say I felt much sympathy. Why on Earth they would need to bring their entire baby nursery with them to a day fair is beyond me! I mean, I understand that mom's need to bring the essentials (diapers, bottles, baby powder, a spare set of clothes...), but did they really need to bring an entire months worth of diapers, stuffed animals, and everything short of the crib?! I swear, strollers have gotten bigger over the years. Although they seem very safe and luxurious, I sometimes wonder if people really need an excuse to haul around more crap. Not to mention, it looked far more stressful trying to navigate through the crowds with a huge stroller. When we have a baby, I would not bother bringing the stroller to those kind of events. Well...I would be hesitant to bring a baby at all to a big event full of people primarily because of all the germs! Every big event now seems to be followed up with some report of a death plague going around, compliments to H1N1 and other super bugs going around. Anyway, if I did bring my baby to a crowded event, I would just carry them around in a baby bjorn and have a diaper bag on the side. Done and done! I mean, c'mon! Baby's are already travel sized for your convenience. Why make it any more complicated?

On a different subject, my UTI seems to be doing much better! No more discomfort! I'll be finishing up the last of my meds for it by the end of the week so thank goodness for that. Otherwise I can't really say if I'm feeling any symptoms of pregnancy yet. In fact, for the most part, both my husband and I are kinda thinking we're not pregnant this time round. We're not really sure why. Perhaps it's because last month threw us off so much. But for the moment, we're not really convinced. I'm having some symptoms that were a lot like the last pregnancy but it could just as easily be menstrual symptoms as well. I've been breaking out, bloating, on and off cramping, moodiness/emotional, tired, breast achiness, and occasionally headachy (except for the time we were visiting our friends up in Bellingham and I had a sudden migraine that came in for no reason and lasted all night!). If I go off of my last cycle (and assume if I was actually on time for the first time in months!) my period should have started yesterday. I've had some cramping like I'm going to start any minute now, but so far nothing has come. It could be that it'll show up a week late like it has been, but I won't know until that time comes, or until we test. So just like before, I have no freak'n clue! In some ways, I'm kind of grateful that the medication I'm on for the UTI is throwing off my ability to check for pregnancy signs. Since the UTI could be playing a part in some of the things I'm feeling, I can't over analyze them as pregnancy signs. So luckily that's stopping me from psyching myself out.

Still I wait, curious if we're pregnant, scared of next week (Joey's original due date), and happy that answers are at least on the way.

When we were at the fair, at one of the booths we saw a wooden carving of a bear holding up a sign that read: "It's a boy!" My husband nudged me and said it was a sign we were going to have a boy.

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