Thursday, September 23, 2010

Post 27...Signs

My husband and I were going on our usual afternoon walk the other day when I came across a small baby blanket. It was sitting in the middle of the walkway, soft and pink, still neatly folded. Picking it up, I scanned the area for it's owner but there was no one else in sight. Carefully unfolding it, I noticed a little stitched detailing in one of the corners. It was a picture of a mom and baby bunny sitting next to the word "Baby". I smiled as I handed it to my husband. "Maybe it's a sign." I jested.
He gave me his usual playful disagreeing face, the one where he lowers his head just slightly and purses his lips. "It's not a sign." He argued.
"Oh?" I said, still teasing him. "I don't know. What are the odds of finding a baby blanket just sitting here in the path of our daily walk? And right around the time we're trying for a baby. Perhaps it is a sign we're going to have a girl." I shot my husband a coy smile.
"Nope, nope. Not a sign!" he protested again.
"It's not a sign because you think it's just a coincident or because it's not a little blue blanket?" I prodded my husband.
He fought back a smile.
"Would it be a sign if it was saying we were having a boy?" I asked.
My husband gave me a single nod. "Yes. If it was a boy's blanket it would be a sign. 'Cause we're gonna have another boy." he finally gave into a full smile and laughed.

I don't know if it really is a sign. It's hard for me to believe in them now after all we've been through. But it was a fun thought to play with. Every now and then this past week I get this sure feeling that I am pregnant, but so quickly it fades. It's so hard to tell at this point. I have had some feeling of pressure in the area of my uterus, and even a slight feeling of pressure on my bladder. But who's to say that isn't just my cycle gearing up? No symptom can clearly be discerned between pregnancy or menstruation. Why can't we have color changing belly buttons or something that tell us for sure when we're pregnant? Sorta like a mood ring to cue us in as soon as conception occurs. No more waiting for tests, no more "oops I drank because I didn't know I was pregnant", no more wondering. But I guess that's what missing a period does. But bother it all! Too many other things can affect the menstruation cycle! If I had a pregnancy mood belly button, nothing else would affect it! It would give me a clear and concise answer.

Although, now I have this mental image of women having magic 8 ball tummies, their husbands shaking them up waiting for an answer to see if they're pregnant.

Answer unclear. Try again later....

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