Thursday, September 9, 2010

Post 23...The Baby Dance

One of the best parts about trying for a baby is the trying part! Like last time, we have decided to go at it at least once a day for the first two weeks of my cycle and then every other day for the last two weeks. Every day since we started trying on Monday...oh my I forgot how I've missed trying! Honestly I feel like every couple should try to have sex at least once every day for a month. It really does keep things fun, it brings you close, and I swear it helps with stress levels! I have been feeling so incredibly relaxed these past few days.

Of course, it also helps that, since we decided to start trying for another baby, we figured it was kind of pointless for me to apply for jobs since I'll just have to leave them in a month or two because of the pregnancy. So now I am officially free of the obligations of work! There is of course a worry in the back of my mind about money but I'm choosing to leave it there, way way back in my mind behind the list of home repairs that need to be done, and the thoughts of where I'll work after my year out with the baby. They are troubles for another day. For once we're jumping in without having everything planned out in immaculate detail. But if there is one thing our last pregnancy taught us it is that we can't plan for everything. Going against years of practice, I'm going to do my best not to worry about the money and focus more on what my heart desires.

Anyway, back to trying for a baby...Yay for sex! It never ceases to amaze me how many women will turn trying for a baby into a lab experiment! In between charting their body temperature, their cervical mucus, counting out the days for when they ovulate, taking ovulating predictor tests just to be sure, and not allowing her guy to go off until that one night when the stars align so he can fill out her maximum capacity....holy smokes! Where is the fun and romance in that?! The added stress of all that is not going to help a woman's chances of conceiving. If anything, it will hurt their chances! Look, it's not that hard. Have lots of sex and enjoy it! And if worst case scenario you don't get pregnant, at least you had a lot of fun trying. Besides, sex is a big part of a healthy marriage. One of my favorite quotes is: life is sexually transmitted.

The one that rhymes with duck
Making the two backed beast
Knocking boots
Getting some (action)
Bumpin' uglies
Getting lucky
Rock the house
Fool/mess around
Go somewhere and "park"
Go all the way
Do the deed
Doing the nasty
Getting busy
Going at it
Horizontal hokey pokey
Jump his/her bones
Organ grinding
The ol' heave ho
Going to bed with
Home run
Monkey/Funny business
Plant my seed
Parking the car in the garage
Putting the hot dog in the bun
Banging headboards
Love is like + you then divide the legs = lets multiply!

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