Thursday, September 23, 2010

Post 28...I'm a daddy-to-be and I dance dance dance.

It is a hard life to be a baby dancing daddy. Not really though.

Not a lot to say in the day and the life of a BDD. I haven't had any dreams, or intuitions about my wife being preggo this time around. Then again, I didn't have any until it was closer to the 2-3 month period and even then it was about what gender our baby was. I was right, but still, it doesn't make the pre-preggo or the early preggo times go by any quicker. Not that I'm in any sort of a hurry ;).

I did have this kind of bizarre train of thought though on Monday. I was driving to work (or was it home? I can't remember it is already Thursday :-P) and for some reason, I had a worry if my kids will enjoy doing the things I do, or if they're going to latch on to their mother and not want to have game time with dear ol' daddy. And I went on this tirade well on to the point of thinking things like, "Oh they'd better not ignore me," and "they're going to like games, and baseball and sports and like it...."

But as we all know, we don't have any choice in anything that kids do. So here's hoping they like something about me and want to do stuff like daddy. Even if that is play games in their underwear, wiping pop-tart dust off their tummies when the hot pockets are ready. Or laughing at mommy when she has a bad case of tourettes while playing games. Or making Uncle Andy yell and pout about them licking his leather jacket and getting baby drool in his hair. I might just have to support the kiddo and do the same. He'd certainly kill me xD. Though, the hilarity that would ensue would certainly make a kid of mine happy to be around family.

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