Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post 17...A spot of concern

Friday night came fashionably late but it was welcomed with open arms. My husband had been working major over time all week and was planning on working through Saturday as well, so with our alarm clock still set for the next day, it hardly seemed like it was Friday. But in attempts to give the illusion of a weekend to my husband, we decided to have some fun.

After doing some more rollerblading, leaving our work stress on the trail, we came home to snacks and a movie. With the smell of popcorn in the air, and a glass of rum in hand, we started our weekend off right. I was a little apprehensive about drinking again, worrying that I might turn into another blubbering mess and ruin my attempt at relaxing my husband. But luckily, I ended up having a good heavy buzz only accompanied by fits of giggling and dancing.

Well, like most nights when we sit down to relax, things got a little frisky. After teasing him for awhile with passionate kisses and other things that I'll leave to your imagination, we ended up going all out right then and there. So what's the point in sharing this? Well, for one, we gave into guilty pleasure and went without protection. Of course this is a big gamble now since I've been off birth control for nearly a year. And, as my doctor explained, shortly after giving birth, apparently my body goes into super fertile mode and I can get pregnant way easier than ever before. Because of this, we've been very careful to use protection....about 99% of the time. The very few times we have gone without protection, we made sure it was no where near my ovulating time (so either right before or right after my menstruation. Yay nasty details!). So there we were giving into the occasional treat of going all natural. This wasn't the first time that week however, because that previous Sunday, we also indulged in it as well....twice (Twice because I figured, “hey, we already gave in once today. What‘s the harm in doing it once more in the same day?”). here's the real reason why I'm sharing this intimate detail: after finishing up, I went to the bathroom later that night and noticed some spotting. Could it be?....I thought for a moment about the possibility of implantation bleeding. But there's no way it could be implantation already after just having sex! So after realizing that the only other time we had sex without protection was right after my period ended, my best guess was that it was leftovers from my cycle. The what if's crossed my mind, but the math just didn't add up. So though it was a bit of a scare in the moment, the likelihood of it being a sign of pregnancy was slim. Beside, I hadn't spotted when I got pregnant last time....right?...

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind.

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