Saturday, August 14, 2010

Post 16...Open the flood gates

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon. My husband and I had just got off work and decided to start our evening off with some rollerblading to the park. For the past month, we've really enjoyed going for an afternoon skate on the trail, and this day was no different. Like usual, we felt the burn in our legs as we vented about work, rolling out the stresses of the day.

After sitting at the park for a little while, cooling down before the skate back to the car, we tried to figure out what to do that evening when we got home. It was hot and we were reminiscing about refreshing cold drinks. Whisky on the rocks, rum and coke, vanilla vodka and ginger ale....

"Well...we are going to have to push back our plans for getting pregnant anyway, so...."

That night we drank rum on the rocks. And together we made a toast: "here's to not giving in to worries and unnecessary stress."

It was fun to get a buzz. I hadn't had one since we first had wine after the miscarriage. But unfortunately, it also brought up some emotions. I spent a good hour or so crying, thinking about little Joey. Having a drink reminded me too much that he wasn't physically there. So to end the evening and make him feel a little closer, we read him a couple books, shedding both happy and sad tears. That night, the three of us enjoyed an evening of no worries.

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