Saturday, August 14, 2010

Post 15...That's it! I quit!

In my Preparing for Pickle blog I vented a lot about work. With great effort I have tried to avoid doing so in this blog, but the time has come....

I'm not going to go into great detail otherwise this blog will end up being ten pages long. But to sum things up, I have become so fed up with the crap going on at work that I decided to give my notice. Since I've been working as a float, helping out in the office more, and working in every classroom, I have learned a thing or two about my work. There are some nasty skeletons in their closets, and a lot of things going on that I'm pretty sure are illegal. Things such as, not paying people for working overtime, not giving people lunch breaks even though they've been working a 9+ hour day. And my all time favorite, keeping sick employees at work because the boss doesn't want to invest in hiring another staff member to cover for people who are sick. As a result, we have had illness consuming the place. They even forced one employee to stay at work for a full day even though she had a high fever. The next week, kids where dropping out of the class with 103 fevers. These are 2 year old kids.

For several weeks, I fought myself over the idea of giving notice. But it was clear that my work was not a good environment. There have been two major factors that have kept me at my job for so long: the economy sucks for the job seeker, and if I left it might force us to push back our plans for a baby yet again because of the money. And after my in-laws just made such a generous offer to cover the expenses of our brakes to help us with money, I was feeling horribly guilty about pushing things back for my own personal reasons.

But after spending nearly every day in rage or tears over my work, my husband finally said "I need you to leave this place. Even if we have to put off our plans for Sunshine, I can't have you be this miserable all the time. If we're going to have another baby, I need you to be happy. It would be healthier for our family and for us as a couple." When I considered how incredibly happy I was those few days I took off from work, I realized he was right. I couldn't stay at this place.

So this could be financial suicide, but I gave my notice. My last day will be August 20th. It's scares me to no end not knowing where I'll go from here. This could be great, it could make things really tricky. But either way, it has to be better than this job! There is still a chance the Google job I applied for might work out. Interviews should start at the end of this month. And hey...even if we have to push things back to closer to December, there's nothing wrong with a Christmas baby, right?

And that Sunshine went on to save Christmas....

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  1. I've been debating saying something, but I am so happy for you! I've got a job that makes me miserable and I will be giving my two weeks as soon as I finish this Kelly services application. I'm sick of being miserable and I feel like that is no way to live. I'm sure someone will be happy to work in such an environment as someone would be in mine- so here's to a couple of quitters! Best of luck in your job hunt!