Monday, January 31, 2011

Post 73...Observations

It's kinda weird noting the differences I feel now that the cerclage is in. For a few days after the stitch was put in, it was odd feeling the achiness in my cervix. It wasn't like menstrual pain like I expected it to be. In fact, it was a very unique pain, sort of a deep ache up in my girly parts. I never knew what my cervix felt like, but now that it was hurting, I was suddenly very much aware of it.

Another weird thing is, they had to leave a part of the stitch hanging down so they can locate it more easily when they go to remove it. The doctor gave me warning that I might be able to feel it, and from time to time, I do. It's nothing big or painful. It just feels like there is a little something in there every now and then.

Sometimes it can ache when I sneeze hard enough. And when I first sit down, it can feel kinda tight and stiff in's hard to describe.

It caught me by surprise when, at my last doctor's visit, the nurse asked me to "bare down" onto the ultrasound rod they had inserted in my you-know-what to get an ultrasound of my cervix to check on the stitches. Before the stitch, when they asked me to do that, I was able to squeeze down no problem. But this time, nothing happened! It felt like trying to blow up a balloon but no air would come out. I tried to push and squeeze, but nothing would budge. I guess that's a good sign that things are closed up tight down there!

And the weirdest change of all since the cerclage: it's not as relieving when I go pee. I told you it was weird! You know when you reeeeally have to go pee, and when you finally do, it feels like such a relief? Well, I don't get that anymore! I'll feel like I have to go, but once I do, I don't have that empty feeling anymore. I won't feel like I have to go anymore, but I don't get that satisfying "Aaaawwww" afterwards. But who knows, maybe that's not because of the cerclage. Maybe it's because of all my innards squishing upward more and more each day. I feel like I'm puffing up in the middle, making it harder to bend. I just plump back out like a tight little sausage any time I try to bend forward. But honestly, I'm anxious for my tummy to look more round and pregnant than this awkward middle stage where I can pass as someone just carrying around extra holiday pounds.

Oh the joys of pregnancy. Where was all this in my "What to Expect" books?...

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