Monday, January 10, 2011

Post 67...Ninja Baby

On Friday we had an appointment with the Obgyn. It was just a standard check up so there really isn't much to report about it. The only fun part was, when the doctor was checking the baby's heartbeat, the baby was moving so much! We kept hearing the little blips of Sunshine kicking and wiggling around. It was fun to hear how active the baby is. Although, the doctor said, as they get bigger, all that moving and kicking around might lead to some "discomfort." Translation: it's gonna hurt.

Other than that, we won't be back into the Obgyn office until a month from now just for the usual check up. But we will, however, be having check ups every two weeks with the specialists who are putting in the cerclage.

So the countdown to the cerclage continues! Each day, I'm becoming more and more scared of the surgery. Why can't it be over already?

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