Sunday, March 27, 2011

Post 97...Preparing for Birth

It has been confirmed: we are officially signed up for a birthing class and a breastfeeding class! I am very excited! And yet still, I feel a bit odd signing up for classes at this time. In some ways, I still worry about making plans in case things were to go wrong again. I realize that we are further along than we've ever been and the doctors say everything is looking great. But even with all the extra reassurance, I still find myself hesitating to make plans. In the last pregnancy, I started to make plans. Just days later I miscarried. So I suppose somewhere deep down, I hesitate to make plans out of fear that history will repeat itself. As if making plans or not will really determine the success of the pregnancy! But no one ever said that emotions make rational sense.

My Obgyn said that now was a good time to sign up for classes and, at first, I thought she was crazy. "Isn't it too early to be taking classes?" I thought. But then I looked at the calender. April, May, June...oh! Suddenly I realized I didn't have as much time left as I thought! Since I'll be getting my cerclage out in mid/late June, I could go into labor any time after that. At best, there are only 3 full months left before little Andy will be here! So in my attempt to be strong and move forward, I signed up for a birthing class and a breastfeeding class.

The birthing class will cover the basic labor and delivery process as well as what to expect when we first bring the baby home. Although we've already had a preview of labor and delivery, I know that it will be an entirely different experience delivering a full-term baby. So I think there will be a lot of benefit to taking the class.

The breastfeeding class is pretty self explanatory. Mostly I wanted to take this class because, not only have I known too many moms who have had difficulties with breastfeeding, but I also know that there is a technique to it that I would prefer to learn before Andy is here so I'm not floundering in the actual moment.

So here we go! One of the first steps towards preparing for Andy's arrival. I hope and pray that I will be able to continue to carry to full term. Making these plans requires me to be vulnerable, relying on the pregnancy to be a healthy one. With each step I take in preparing for his arrival, the more I am allowing myself to openly believe with all my heart that he will carry full term. It's terrifying and exciting all in one.

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