Friday, March 11, 2011

Post 88...Following Father Time

Father Time is a sneaky, speedy ol' man! Just when I think he's going to take a rest, he runs right on by...

On Thursday, March 3rd, we went to our monthly Obgyn appointment. It was quick and casual like usual. The doctor checked the baby's heart beat, asked a few check-up questions, and then we were on our way. The nice thing was, she noted that we had made it past the 20 week marker, saying that it was encouraging to see us still going strong. We had already been very aware of the date, but it was touching that she remembered. Just in our brief discussion about it, she was recalling things from our last pregnancy and noting how happy she is to see us having such success this time with the help of the cerclage. I was surprised and comforted that our doctor cared so much to remember us so specifically. Clearly she is the right doctor for us!

On Friday we went to a friend's surprise birthday party. For a few hours, everyone decorated his place and anxiously waited for him to come home for the surprise. Most of the people there were my husband's high school friends. For awhile we stood around discussing all of life's recent changes: friends graduating college, new jobs, friends getting married and so on. At one point, one of the guys was talking about his co-worker who brought her kids to work one day. "Where are your kids?" the co-worker had asked him. He nervously laughed and replied "I'm not that old! I don't have kids!" My husband and I looked at each other and chuckled. "I guess that means we're old," I whispered to my husband. Even though we're the same age as everyone else in that group, we were the first to graduate college, the first to get married, and now the first to have a child. We were never big into the party scene, nor did we take our time to get out on our own together. While many of our friends were out going to bars, partying and dating, my husband and I were cozied up in our little apartment together listening to jazz music and sipping on wine. So at times, we do feel a bit old for our age. But it's funny to think that our friends find 25 to be such a young age for having kids. In my family, most people had one if not two children by the time they were 25!

At the party we got talking to one friend who seemed particularly interested in hearing our pregnancy stories. He was excited to hear we are having a boy and that my husband could already feel him kicking. "When is he due?" he asked.
"July 15th." we replied.
"July?! Like, next year, right?" he asked with wide eyes.
I giggled, "No. This year. As in this coming July. We're already about 5 months along."
He looked at me in disbelief. "Seriously?! Man! That's exciting! I had no idea it was so soon! Time flies!"

It was cute how excited our friend was, and even more so that he clearly had no idea about the time it takes to carry a baby to full term. If pregnancy took nearly a year and a half for the baby to be full term, I doubt many people would want to get pregnant at all! But if our friend thinks the baby is growing fast now, just wait until little Andy is out and everyone can physically see just how fast he's growing. Before we know it, he'll be the one making us grandparents!

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