Friday, March 11, 2011

Post 89...Birthday fun day one

Saturday was the start of my four day birthday weekend celebration! The funny thing is; previous years I have tried to have a birthday  party of some sort but it always turned out to be a flop. So this year I said I didn't really care to do anything big. I just wanted to spend my birthday with my husband and go out for cheeseburgers together. But as it turns out, the one year I say I don't want anything big, I get spoiled with four days straight of birthday celebration! The other great part was, I just recently got a new charger for my camera (compliments to ebay! Less than $10 and I got a new charger, a car charger, and two new batteries!) so I was able to take lots of pictures. I forgot how much I've missed having a working camera!

The fun began on Saturday morning when my parents came over and took us out for brunch at my favorite restaurant: The Pomegranate. My husband and I had gone there for brunch the previous weekend to celebrate making it past 20 weeks. That time I had had smoked salmon eggs benedict on fresh made cheddar biscuits, a side of rosemary hash browns, an arugula salad topped with sun dried tomatoes, and a chai latte. It was absolute heaven! On Saturday I wanted to try something new so I ordered a grandview fall mushroom tart with caramelized onions in a thyme-white cheddar crust, scrambled eggs on the side, and another chai latte. It was buttery, flaky, melt in your mouth amazing! Together we all savored our amazing brunch as we talked and laughed. It was wonderful.

After brunch, we came back to our apartment and my parents had me open the birthday gifts they brought for me. The gifts were great! There were new storage containers I had been wanting so I can organize the storage closet, cute paper lanterns to decorate Andy's room with, the most adorable little baby thermals, a set of birthday candles that had "25" on them, a loofah on a stick so I can reach my toes over my growing tummy when I'm showering, and a set of baby washcloths for wiping up all that soon to come drool.

I couldn't have asked for a better start to my birthday weekend!
The storage tubs came with some good parenting advice...

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