Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post 111...Back to the Hospital

After our scare on Sunday, I was really hoping I wouldn't have to go back to the hospital until the day we were going to deliver Andy. Sadly, that wasn't the case....

On Tuesday morning, we went in for our final Eastside ultrasound. Once again, they checked my cervical length and the condition of my cerclage and everything looked fantastic. We talked about reasons for the spotting that occurred on Sunday, but again, we were left assuming that it must have been due to Andy kicking at the stitches. The doctor then suggested a few stretches I could do to encourage Andy to flip back around. Although I'm not eager to have major rib pain again, I'd gladly take it over spotting again. So as soon as we got home, I tried out the stretches the doctor recommended. It's an awkward movement where I have to get onto my knees and try to touch my chest to the floor. Not only does it make me stick my butt way up in the air, but it makes it tricky to breath when my big pregnant belly is pressing up on my lungs. But I tried it nonetheless. Afterwards, I was a little queasy but I hoped that it would get Andy to flip around.

But as the day went on, my queasiness didn't stop. As I tried to unpack some of Andy's new gifts, the nausea started to get worse and worse. I thought perhaps I was just trying to do too much, so I sat down to watch a few shows on Netflix. But the nausea still didn't stop. Before I knew it, I was running to the bathroom, violently throwing up. At first, I wasn't too concerned. I had something similar happen a couple of times before in the second trimester when I either got too hungry, or tried to eat too fast. But this time, after getting sick, I didn't feel relieved like I did those other times. In fact, I still felt horribly queasy. In attempts to settle my stomach, I tried sipping some water while eating a banana. But about an hour later, I lost it again. At that point, I started to worry. So I called my Obgyn and talked to the nurse. She was very concerned to hear how much I had thrown up and was worried that I would get too dehydrated. She advised me to try sipping some Gatorade to see if I could at least keep some fluids down. But if I were to throw up one more time, she told me to go to the hospital so they could hook me up to an IV and make sure the dehydration wouldn't cause any contractions.

Well, sure enough, not even an hour after talking to the nurse, I threw up again. So off we went, back to the hospital for the second time this week. At that point, I was so severely dehydrated that I could hardly stay awake. All my energy was gone. But the scariest part was that, because I was so dehydrated, I was actually having some mild contractions. So the nurse quickly hooked me up to an IV and gave me some medicine to help settle my stomach. We were there for several hours before I was able to keep down two crackers and a few sips of water. Since the vomiting and the contractions had finally come to a stop, the doctor gave me a prescription for some nausea medication and sent me home to rest. From what the doctor concluded, I had contracted a nasty virus that has been going around and, unless I developed a fever or started having any diarrhea (I know, it's not a pleasant subject), it should pass within a day or two. So we picked up my prescription and went home.

I only threw up one more time that night about an hour after we got home. I spent the whole night sipping Gatorade in between nodding off from time to time. And by 5am, I was finally able to eat a piece of toast. It was the first thing I was able to keep down since noon the previous day.

I am happy to say that, two days later, I am now medicine free and I have been able to keep all my food and drinks down without the lightest bit of nausea! I'm still trying to get myself back up to the level of hydration that I was at, but for the most part, I'm pretty much back to normal. Andy has been happily kicking away (although I think the little bugger is still feet down!), and I am gradually getting my energy back.

With any luck, after this last hospital trip, I won't have to go back to the hospital until the day Andy is born. Right?...Do you hear me universe?....No more hospital trips until the baby is ready to be born....after he's full term! Oh which reminds me of one last thing. We scheduled out the day that we will have my cerclage removed! On June 23rd, so about five weeks from now, we will be full term and having the cerclage removed! After that, Andy could come any day. Five weeks seems so close and yet so far.

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