Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post 108...Mother's Day

After the whole crib fiasco which, believe me, escalated into way more drama than I ever anticipated; I am happy to report that everything worked out for the best. Since I barely made it through last week with my sanity still in tact, I don't really care to re-live it again for the sake of my blog. Let's just say that emotions from both sides of the family were on high. There were a few days of conflict between the families, and then, with much relief, all was quickly resolved.

On Thursday, my dad took me out to do a little crib shopping, as promised. It didn't take us long to fall in love with one. It was a sturdy crib that could convert into a toddler bed as well as a twin size bed for future use, and it was a beautiful cherry-wood color. My dad looked up at me and smiled. "What do you say we get a crib today?" I was over the moon! I knew that we were going to look at cribs, but I had no idea we would be buying one so soon. Not only were my parents getting me a new safe crib for my son, but I was going to get it in time to still set it up for Mother's Day!

On Saturday, my mother-in-law gave us Joey's mattress, along with a Mother's Day gift to me of new sheets for Andy's bed.

It was a dream come true! On Mother's Day morning, my husband assemble the new crib. When it was all together, we placed Joey's mattress in the crib and it fit perfectly. For a few minutes, we stood there arm in arm, crying and smiling. We gently took Joeybear (the teddy bear that we got from the hospital the day Joey was born), and placed him into the crib. Everything felt so right. With my keepsake necklace of Joey's ashes around my neck, and little Andy kicking in my tummy, I felt an overwhelming joy to be celebrating Mother's Day with my boys. I didn't feel ashamed. I didn't feel guilty. In the arms of my husband and in the company of my sons, I felt at peace. I felt like a mother.

I was also greatly touched by a gift I received on Mother's Day from a woman I don't even know personally! She is a client of my dad's and, after hearing the story of our pregnancies, she decided to make a baby blanket for Andy. How amazing is that? Someone I don't even know and yet, she reached out to us with kindness and helped to make my Mother's Day all the more special. My heart goes out to her and her wonderful generosity! The picture below is of Joe holding Andy's new blanket.

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