Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post 105...My Eggo is Prego!

For Easter, my husband and I decided to have a little fun with my tummy. When I was pregnant with Joey, I was hoping to paint my tummy to look like a pumpkin since he was due in October. But since that opportunity was taken away, I still wanted to find something similar to do with this pregnancy. Finally the idea hit me: I wanted to paint my tummy to look like a giant Easter egg! And so that's just what we did.

It was fun sitting back and watching my husband transform my bump into a colorful egg. A few times my husband had to pause and wait for Andy to stop kicking since it was causing my whole stomach to shift around from time to time.

On Easter day, we celebrated with my in-laws by having a wonderful Easter dinner. My husband and I also made sure to wear our Joey necklaces so it could be a full family celebration. Much to my excitement, not only did my in-laws spoil us with sweets and gifts, but they got an Easter basket for little Andy too! In his basket he had: a teddy bear, a stuffed animal turtle from Hawaii (my in-laws recently went to Hawaii for spring break), a new book, a shirt from Hawaii, and a cute little Hawaii outfit! Here are some pictures of Andy's first Easter basket!

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