Monday, April 11, 2011

Post 101...Human Pin Cushion

Last week I had both an Obgyn and Eastside appointment. Both were fairly quick and said pretty much the usual: Yup...there's a baby in there! I'm happy to say my cervix/cerclage is still holding strong, Andy is getting bigger each day, and basically I need to keep doing what I'm doing until the baby gets here. Although, I was a little bummed to see my weight had gone up higher than expected. But as the doctor pointed out, since I've been exercising more this last month, it's very possible that the added weight could be muscle gain since I had otherwise been stuck on the couch for the previous months. So between the last appointment and the next, I'm going to continue to exercise (walking, swimming, yoga) and try to watch what I eat to see if it makes any difference in the rate of my weight gain. If it still keeps creeping up too fast, the doctor and I will take a hard look at what changes need to be done. For now, I'm keeping a food journal to see if I can pin-point any major red flags.

The only other news is that I have to take a glucose test. It's that time in the pregnancy where the doctor needs to check for any indication of gestational diabetes as well as check my blood for iron levels. Basically I will have to drink a sugary drink they gave me and have them test my blood about an hour later to see how well my body metabolizes the sugar. I'm hoping it goes well, but honestly I'm not looking forward to the test. Not so much because I think I will fail the test, but because I hate having my blood drawn! I am a total wimp when it comes to having my blood drawn. It's not even the sight of the blood that bothers me so much as it is the idea of being a human pin cushion! Anyway, reluctantly I will be taking the test tomorrow. I doubt I'll hear the results until later on in the month, but I'm still hoping and praying for a good outcome. The last thing I need is more complications in an already complicated pregnancy!

So aside from a glucose test that I am being a total wimp about, everything seems to be peachy keen! I can hardly believe that by the end of next week I will be in my third trimester! I am beyond excited to have made it so far!

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