Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post 104...Hello Third Trimester!

I've got a little bit of catching up to do since I haven't blogged in nearly 2 weeks! Needless to say, it's been a busy couple of weeks...

For starters I want to say how extremely excited I am that we have successfully made it to our third trimester!!! I am now 28 weeks (actually 29 weeks this Friday!) along and things couldn't be going better. After having my blood drawn for the glucose test, I never receive any calls from the doctor so I'm assuming, like they told me when I took the test, no news is good news.

Last Tuesday we had another Eastside appointment. It was a longer one where we got to see more of little Andy and we even got some more DVD footage of the ultrasound. He is looking so big and adorable! Obviously he was quite comfortable with his arm draped over his face as he rested. My husband nearly jumped out of his chair, excitedly pointing out that it is the same position my husband will often sleep in. It warmed my heart. The nurse tried to get Andy to move his arm though so we could get a good picture of his face. But like normal, no matter how much she tried to jiggle him, he wouldn't budge. In fact, each time she would press in to try to move him, he would push his arm out against her in defiance. I pointed out to my husband that Andy's stubborn reluctance to waking up was very much like his father too. We both laughed.

We had a different doctor that day, since my usual doctor was out on vacation. She was a nice lady but I can't say I agreed with her medical expertise. For one, I'm already paranoid enough as it is, given my history. If it's not medical advice from my usual doctor, I don't trust it. Not even if it comes from the doctor's nurse. In my last pregnancy, I trusted the nurse's judgement and it ended up impacting the outcome of the last pregnancy. From the loss of Joey, I learned never to trust blindly and always to get a second opinion. Anyway...so the temporary doctor looked at my ultrasound and said that my amniotic fluid looked a little low. She said it wasn't anything to be concerned about and that it was probably due to some dehydration. She then recommended I increase my water intake to 7-8 liters a day.....Nope. That wasn't a typo. She said 7 to 8 LITERS of water A DAY! Yeah right! If I want water poisoning! Not to mention the fact that she says not to worry about my amniotic fluid being low when I've had a history of leaking amniotic fluid as a result of my incompetent cervix! Even though I have the cerclage in place, it is still possible to leak amniotic fluid. It would just be at a slower rate.

The next day, in all my paranoia, I called my Obgyn and asked to come in so she could make sure there was no leaking going on. Without hesitation, my husband came home from work in the middle of the day and immediately took me to the Obgyn. We weren't taking any chances this time. Luckily, my doctor got us in right away and did a pelvic exam as well as ran some tests on any discharge just to make sure it wasn't amniotic fluid. Well, much to our relief, the doctor said everything looked fantastic. She said that my cervical length is still doing great and that the cerclage is holding together beautifully. There was no leaking of amniotic fluid at all. But she said it was great that we came in to double check! I also mentioned what the other doctor had said about drinking 7-8 liters of water a day. My Obgyn laughed. "Uh...no. I would not recommend that!" she said. "I would suggest drinking 4 liters at most throughout the day." After looking over my ultrasound from Eastside, she said that it did look like my fluid was a little low. But that could be a result of dehydration, or possibly even just an odd camera angle. If Andy was sitting at an odd position, it could affect the read-out on the amniotic fluid. So she wasn't worried about it since my fluid has otherwise been great.

So now I am making sure to drink about 4 liters of water a day, and happily growing and growing. I swear my tummy has exploded in size this last month! But it's fun to watch my stomach jump around when Andy moves! It was especially cute to watch Andy play "tag" with his daddy. After rubbing my tummy with belly balm, my husband sat there drumming one spot on my tummy with his fingers. Each time after he would drum his fingers, Andy would push back right on my husband's fingers! It was so fun to watch them play for a little while.

One thing I am learning really quickly about the third trimester, however, is that it is absolutely exhausting! I swear, as soon as we hit 27 weeks, my energy level has been dropping like mad! Almost every day, I am practically nodding off around 3pm. I might have to give in and start taking daily naps...as much as I hate taking naps! And with my belly getting bigger, my low back and my feet are starting to ache more on my walks. Today I went for a long walk, and by the time I was getting back, I felt absolutely drained! I have never felt so out of shape before in my life! Even though I have still been going on regular walks, it is suddenly getting harder and harder to keep up the pace. But as difficult as it is to move around, I wouldn't trade it for the world! My baby is making it full term and that means everything to me!

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