Saturday, February 26, 2011

Post 84...Nesting with Nestlé

With this pregnancy, I have learned a few interesting things. One of which is the odd fact that pregnancy hormones can mess with eyesight. For the past month, I thought perhaps my eyes were going bad and that I might need a stronger prescription for my reading glasses. But after doing a little research in my pregnancy books, I learned that it is very common for pregnant women to have trouble with their eyesight. Apparently the hormones surging through me can cause my eyesight to seem a little sloppy. It's not a dramatic change but it is noticeable. From what the book recommends, unless it is a huge change that is affecting my sight dramatically, I shouldn't worry about it. In fact, it recommended holding off on seeing an optometrist until after the pregnancy. According to the book, my eyesight should go back to normal after I give birth. So I'm going to take the book's advice and hold off on getting my eyes checked out until after the pregnancy. For now, I'll just have to use my reading glasses more often, and make my funny scrunchy face when I try to read smaller fonts.

Aside from my eyes being a little wonky lately, I've been on a baking kick. For the last couple of weeks, I have had a sudden urge to bake anything and everything I can. From aromatic banana bread warm from the oven, to milk chocolate and white chocolate brownies. And most recently I baked vanilla cupcakes topped with sugary mounds of sweet vanilla frosting accented with a tangy hint of lemon. And before all that, it was sourdough french toast sprinkled with toasted almonds, warm maple syrup, and a dusting of powdered sugar. I couldn't really explain why I've had such an urge to bake, but it's been a fun way to kill time and make the apartment smell good. Most times I don't even end up eating my baked goods. In fact, more often than not, I send them with my husband to take to his work. His co-workers love them, but apparently all of the sweet treats inspired one of his co-workers to go on a 33 mile bike ride this weekend just to compensate for all the goodies he's been consuming at home and at work.

I never realized it, but one of my husband's co-workers pointed out that all my baking is actually a sign of nesting. Apparently his wife went through the same thing when she was pregnant, baking anything and everything under the sun. I don't know why that didn't occur to me before. I guess I always associated nesting only with cleaning the house. But as my husband pointed out, my need to provide food is just as much of a nesting trait as cleaning is. So go figure. My need to bake is due to the little bun in my oven. But even though I'm aware of that now, it doesn't stop me from wanting to bake more goodies. Right now it's a toss up between lemon bars or coconut cupcakes. And with St. Patrick's day coming up, I foresee a chocolate Guinness stout cake in the near future....

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  1. We will eat that Guiness cake with you guys... :D