Saturday, February 26, 2011

Post 83...20 week checkup

On Thursday the 24th, we had an early morning appointment with Eastside medical to have our usual two week check up on my cervix and the baby. Of course, the night before the appointment we had to get a sudden freak dumping of snow that made us worry whether or not we'd even make it to the appointment at all the next morning. But luckily for us, the roads were fairly clear by the time we were driving in.

Early spring my ass! Stupid worthless groundhog!

Anyway, I am happy to report that my cervix is holding up beautifully! The doctor said that, because my cervix is doing so well with the cerclage holding firmly in place, I can even start working up to going on daily walks! Of course, the walks can only be about 15-30 minutes long, but still I am stoked! After spending day after day on the couch, zoning out to netflix and reading from time to time, I am more than excited to be able to get out and about even for just a few minutes. And, if my cervix still looks as good at the next appointment, two weeks from now, the doctor said I might even be able to bump up my activity even more! He said it is his hope that, if my cervix continues to look this good, we can stop coming in for regular checkups once we reach 30 weeks and just come back in at 37 weeks to have the cercalge removed. And apparently the removal of the cerclage will be incredibly easy. I thought it would be another surgery. But from what the doctor said, I'll just come into the clinic as if I were getting a pap smear, they'll snip the stitch, pull it out, and that's it! No drugs needed, no surgery, nothing! Just a quick snip and then I'll go home.

The other great thing about the appointment was that we got to see the baby for over a half an hour! They were doing an in-depth ultrasound to check for all the limbs, organs, and blood flow. For over 30 minutes we just sat there watching little Andy wiggle around. Although he looked horribly scrunched up, folded completely in half with his knees practically touching his forehead! The nurse tried to jiggle him to get him to move so they could take better measurements, but he did not want to move from that spot. The doctor said it is completely normal for babies to fold themselves into a ball like that, but it just looked so uncomfortable! Who knows. Maybe someday he'll be a yoga teacher.

The best part of it all is that the nurse made a dvd of the ultrasound which we got to take home! So now we have a dvd of over 30 minutes of little Andy wiggling around! It's wonderful! I've already watched it several times. I swear, I could watch it every day.

The one big surprise: Andy was measuring out to be 20 weeks and 5 days! And in some spots (like his legs) he was measuring out to be 21 weeks along! Here we were all excited and nervous to get past 20 weeks which we thought was going to be on Friday. But on Thursday, we measured out to be further along than we thought! So we successfully passed 20 weeks, meaning I am now carrying longer than I ever have before. The doctor said it is common for babies to have a sudden growth spurt, jumping forward in their gestational age from time to time. Though I was really surprised to see that Andy had jumped almost a full week ahead, it then made sense why my weight had suddenly jumped up three pounds in the last week. I can already tell...this is gonna be one big baby!

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